Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

CT Tammy´s Welt

CT for Tammy´s Welt
CT Taggy for Tammy´s Welt with beautiful Kit "Happy Irish"
the fantastic Kit have 85 Elements and 8 Papers
you can find here: PFD  ~ SNC ~ Hania Design

CT Elli

CT for Ellis Creations
CT Taggy for Ellis Creations with beautiful Kit Time to Steam"
the fantastic Kit have  89 Elements
you can buy here: PFD  ~ DGD 

CT Chachaz

CT for Chachaz Creationz
Butterfly Queen Collab 1
the fantastic Kit have 66 Elements and 6 Papers
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available here: SNC
My tubes are not part of the kit.

CT Jenns Designs

CT for Jenns Designs
CT Taggy for Jenns Designs with beautiful Kit "In Time"
Kit have  80 Elements and 10 Papers
you can buy it here: SNC